Volume 13 Issue 2.2 December 2018

| December 22, 2018

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  1. Cross – Cultural Competence (CCC) and Cross – Cultural Understanding (CCU) in Multicultural Education in the EFL Classroom
    Sukardi Weda
    Haryanto Atmowardoyo
  2. First Language Interference in Learning the English Language
    Maribel Fontiveros-Malana
  3. The Relationship of Self-Efficacy Beliefs, Motivation, and Writing Performance of Indonesian EFL Students in Higher Education
    Sukardi Weda
  4. Indonesian Poetry Translation: The Problem Within
    Noer Jihad Saleh
    Sukardi Weda
  5. Assessing Vietnamese EFL students’ writing in the light of World Englishes
    Aprillette C. Devanadera
  6. English Language Performance and Difficulties of Pupils in the Mother Tongue – based (MTB) Medium of Instruction
    Wilbert Giuseppe L. De Guzman
    Presley V. De Vera
  7. Fostering learners’ intercultural communicative competence through EIL teaching: A quantitative study
    Hang Thi Nhu Mai
  8. Indirectness Markers in Korean and Persian English Essays: Implications for Teaching Writing to EFL Learners
    Richard M. Rillo
    Ericson O. Alieto
  9. Error Analysis of Verb Tenses Among Japanese ESL Learners Yaweh Lady E. Mencias
    Presley V. De Vera
  10. Intercultural Understanding in Foreign Language Learning in an Indonesian Higher Education
    Syukur Saud
    Amirullah Abduh
  11. The Modal Must in Philippine English: A Corpus-Based Analysis
    Aika Carla M. David
  12. Attitude of Grade 12 SHS Academic Tracks Students Towards Speaking in English
    Donita – Jane B. Canceran
    Conchita Malenab – Temporal


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