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Volume 9 Issue 2 November 2014

| June 10, 2014

Volume 9 Issue 2 November 2014 Download Full PDF English Instruction in Burundi Elementary Schools. Immaculee Harushimana Exploring Possible Selves: An Exploration of Tertiary EFL Students’ Learning Motivation in Taiwan. Chi-an Tung, Shan-mao Chang Language Teacher Beliefs and Practices: A Historical Review. Yang Gao Exploring the learning potential of peer-assessed dictation in the Chinese context. […]

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Volume 9 Issue 1 May 2014

| May 6, 2014

Volume 9 Issue 1 May 2014 Download Full PDF Use of first-person plural pronoun to refer to single authors: Analyses of postgraduate theses Tanju Deveci and Roger Nunn A study of self-representation of Asian EFL students through speaking English at an Australia University Pham Thi Thanh Xuan Error gravity in a nonnative English speaker’s speech: The […]

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