RSS2016 Journals

Volume 11 Issue 2 December 2016

| December 25, 2016

Download Full PDF Differences between Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers in China from the Perspectives of Chinese EFL Students Koyin Sung Fredrick J Poole Communicative Features of the Nigerian University Undergraduates’ English Expressions Jane Chinelo Obasi How well is English with mora-timed rhythm understood by a multilingual community? Tomokazu Nakayama Seoh Koon Tan Hoo […]

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Volume 11 Issue 1 May 2016

| June 25, 2016

Download Full PDF The development of English as an ASEAN lingua franca and its impact on English teaching in Vietnam Stephanie Gross Vietnamese accented English: Foreign accent and intelligibility judgement by listeners of different language backgrounds Anh-Thu Thi Nguyen John C. L. Ingram Establishing the localization and indigenization of Indian English: A case study Pramod Kumar Sah Anu […]

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