2007 – 2010

| December 19, 2013

Vol 1. April 2007

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  1. Foreword by Dr. Ahmet Acar
  2. Nunan, D. Important Tasks of English Education: Asia Wide and Beyond
  3. Nunn, Roger. Competence and Teaching English as an International Language
  4. Patil, Z.N. On the Nature and Role of English in Asia
  5. Phan Le Ha. Toward a Critical Notion of Appropriation of English as an International Language
  6. Acar, Ahmet. Models, Norms and Goals for English as an International Language Pedagogy and Task Based Language Teaching and Learning
  7. Rajadurai, Joanne. Revisiting the Concentric Circles: Conceptual and Sociolinguistic Considerations.
  8. Iyldyz, Leila. B. Rethinking Validity of the L2 Proficiency Concept: Lessons for EIL
  9. Book Review. Claire Kramsch. Language and Culture
  10. Editorial Board


Vol 2. December 2007

Vol 3. November 2008 
Vol 4. August 2009 (Full PDF Download)
  1. Dr. Ahmet Acar. Foreword
  2. Eunice Tang. A Cultural Framework of “Chinese Learn English”: a critical review of and reflections on research
  3. Mohsen Shirazizadeh and Mohammad Momenian. From EFL to ELF: Spotting the Blind Spots
  4. Yu-ju Hung. Reader Response and Ethnicity: A Difference That Makes a Difference
  5. Jack Jinghui Liu. Intercultural Rhetorical Pattern Differences in English Argumentative Writing
  6. Diana Fauzia Sari and Yunisrina Qismullah Yusuf. The Role of Attitudes and Identity from Nonnative Speakers of English towards English Accents
  7. Ezzeldin Mahmoud Tajeldin Ali and Vincent J. van Heuven. Segmental analysis of speech intelligibility problems among Sudanese listeners of English
  8. Wen Li Wu, Michael Hammond and Ann Barnes. Strategies for learning English in a cross-cultural learning environment: East Asian students in one UK University
  9. Tian bo Li & Gillian Moreira. English Language Teaching in China today

Book review:-

  1. Mesthrie R., and Bhatt, R M. World Englishes: The Study of New Linguistic Varieties
Vol 5. March 2010

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