Volume 13 Issue 2.1 December 2018

| December 19, 2018

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  1. Structural Irregularities within the English Language: Implications for Teaching and Learning in Second Language
    Jane Chinelo Obasi
  2. Preparing for English-speaking professional communities: Navigating L2 learners’ linguistic identity in L1-dominant professional communication courses
    Monica (Heejung) Kwon
    Marshall Drolet Klassen
  3. The Use of Complimenting Expressions in Palestinian Arabic: A Descriptive-analytical Perspective
    Ghada Shbietah
  4. Code-Mixing of Cantonese-English Bilingual Children with Different Language Dominance Patterns
    Chi Wui Ng
  5. Motivation and Barriers for University Teachers to Apply Blended Learning in Language Classes
    Thi Nhi Nguyen
    Brent Philipsen
    Jaël Muls
    Renfeng Wang
    Koen Lombaerts
  6. An Analysis of Instructors’ Perspectives to First Language (L1) use in Monolingual Japanese University Contexts
    Jagon P. Chichon


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