Volume 13 Issue 1 June 2018

| June 21, 2018

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  1. Characteristics of non-native English-speaking teachers’ English development: Voice from Vietnam
    Khoi Ngoc Mai
  2. English-medium instruction in Turkish higher education: The current state of English in psychology departments
    Beril T. Arik
    Engin Arik
  3. Fluidity and variation in lexical stress placement in Ghanaian English Discourse: A case for systematicity in communication in world Englishes
    Charlotte Fofo Lomotey
  4. Teaching English as an International Language: Variables Affecting Vietnamese EFL Lecturers’ Beliefs
    Hang Thi Nhu Mai
  5. Tone of voice or what was said? The impression non-native speakers of English make on Australian English native listeners
    Chiharu Tsurutani
  6. World Englishes and Cross-Cultural Communication
    Jerry F. Smith


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