Volume 11 Issue 2 December 2016

| December 25, 2016

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  1. Differences between Native and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers in China from the Perspectives of Chinese EFL Students
    Koyin Sung
    Fredrick J Poole
  2. Communicative Features of the Nigerian University Undergraduates’ English Expressions
    Jane Chinelo Obasi
  3. How well is English with mora-timed rhythm understood by a multilingual community?
    Tomokazu Nakayama
    Seoh Koon Tan
    Hoo Chun Pek
  4. World Englishes in Cross-cultural settings and Babel
    Jerry F. Smith
  5. Wh-In-Situ in Cameroonian English (CamE): A study from a minimalist perspective and some pedagogic implications
    Leonel Tadjo Fongang
  6. The English language conquest of Portuguese academic writing: A study of faculty members’ language choices
    Maria L. Cabral
    Neuza C. Costa
    Anabela M. Nobre
  7. The Discourse of Voluntourism: American Exceptionalism in Application Essays Submitted to a Summer Overseas Volunteer Teaching Program
    Cori Jakubiak
    Peter Smagorinsky
  8. Tiptoe of Indirect Intervention: An Exegesis
    Farid Ghaemi
    Amir Nikmehr

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