Volume 14 Issue 2 2019

| December 19, 2019

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  1. Using Joycean Narrative Inquiry to Historically Explore the Language Use of One Community of Practice in South Korea
    John R. Baker
  2. Indian English – A National Model
    Daniel Costa
  3. Improving Student’s Performance in English as Language of Learning and Teaching in Teacher Pre-service Education
    Liesel Hibbert
    John Wankah Foncha
  4. Micro-Level Text Contents of One- to Five-Minute News: American and Philippine English Compared
    Leonardo O. Munalim
  5. Problematic Phonological Features of Foreign Accented English Pronunciation as Threats to International Intelligibility: Thai EIL Pronunciation Core
    Jirada Suntornsawet
  6. English as an International Language: English/French Language Alternation in Politically Motivated CMC in Congo-Brazzaville
    Jean Mathieu Tsoumou


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