Volume 12 Issue 2 December 2017

| December 22, 2017

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  1. A Contrastive Rhetoric Analysis of Three Court Decisions in American, Philippine, and Indonesian Englishes Hjalmar Punla Hernandez
    Cecilia F. Genuino
  2. The Cooperation Principle in President Obama’s second inaugural Chicago speech
    Euphrem Ngoy
    Prosper Cirhuza
  3. The Ecology of English and Chinese in the English Language Policies and Practices of A Chinese University
    Hongmei Xu
  4. Past-Time Marker –ed in the Speech and Written Work of Indonesian English Majors
    Maskanah Mohammad Lotfie
    Diyah Fitri Wulandari
    Idha Nurhamidah
  5. Effectiveness of implementing world Englishes in English lan-guage curricula
    Mami Orikasa
  6. Individual factors in the motivation of learning L3 through L2 among minority students in Xinjiang
    Rayhangül Ahåt
    Hori Shinya
  7. Writing Instruction for English Learners in a Translingual Classroom
    Sylvia Read
    Michael Spooner

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